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KOZAKOV FOUNDATION - creativity powered by financial freedom.

KOFO was founded by Zoia in memory of her dad, Mikhail Kozakov who was a renowned actor and director. Zoia recognised that often, creatives have to choose between having a financially stable career and doing what they love most - which is why the foundation made it its mission to support creatives by not only giving out yearly scholarships but also teaching them how to be financially independent in the long run.

House of Five was tasked to create the brand behind Kozakov Foundation and we still remain the non-profit's creative help whenever needed. 

The brand itself is inspired by the Bauhaus art direction from the 1920s and 1930s and is close to Zoia's heart as well as it compliments Mikhail's life well.

Black and white image of an art installation of a single leg on a grey concrete slab and the Kozakov Foundation logo over it
A mock up image of business cards with Kozakov Foundation branding on two concrete grey slabs
Canvas Tote Bag KOOFpng.png
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